Hands of Wisdom


Memories that invoke painful, uncomfortable, disturbing feelings and thoughts are often “stored” in the body, this is what I call body armor. Armor to protect us from the pain and dangers.


Sexual Body-dearmouring is deep transformative work. The idea behind it is that every experience is stored in the cellular memory of the physical body also called pain-body because often memories that invoke painful, uncomfortable, disturbing feelings and thoughts, are not felt in the moment but repressed and unexpressed. 

Why? Because we are so used to wanting to only feel “good” and “nice” feelings. Especially in our sexual encounters we tend to gather and hold on to “stuff” that is not comfortable to feel and look at: guilt, shame, performance anxiety, feelings of abandonment and rejection, and so on. All these energies will not go away only because we choose not to deal with them. They are stored in the body and will lead to energetic blocks, or more simply put, they will have a limiting effect on the natural energy flow of the body, and will cause tension. In the long run might lead to physical pain, loss of sexual libido, and a number of other symptoms.

In a de-armouring session we use strong pressure on specific points of the body – same points that would be worked on in a shiatsu, acupuncture or other bodywork treatment. Only, here we encourage free expression with sound and movement, and guide you to breathe consciously to bring expansion and awareness to these areas. This can be a painful experience sometimes, but we only go as far as you are ready to go. It is not the goal of the session to cause pain – the goal is for you to become aware of the pain that is already there and by becoming aware of it, breathing into it, and expressing it, to be able to let it go. This way often new space opes in the body, which is a starting point to deeper sensitivity and pleasure.

With men, we work with the lingam and the anus. The anus very often holds great amounts of tension. It is the “base” of our most primal instincts, fears and worries. Releasing tension from this area can be a life-changing experience. 

With women, we work both outside and inside of the yoni. This can bring up any feelings from pleasure through shame, guilt and anger to pain and vulnerability. It is all welcome. You are welcome with all that you are.