Hands of Wisdom

Tantra Massage for Men

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra Massage is an individual experience depending on where you are in your life right now. In very simple terms, it is a full-body massage with oil, where the genitals are also included. Your therapist might use hands, arms and their whole body to facilitate healing and relaxation with different qualities of touch.

How I work

We start the session with a short consultation so I can get to know you. 

Where you are in your life, what brought you to this work, what your intention is, and what are you dealing with in the area of sexuality/intimacy.

We then follow with some Tantric practice to ground you. This is usually a meditation and / or a short breathwork practice to bring you out of your head and back to the body. No previous experience of breathwork or tantra is necessary.

Throughout your sessions, communication is encouraged as to what kind of touch you are longing for. Tantra Massage is meant to be an empowering experience, and I always appreciate clarity of needs and desires.

The session will be different for each individual and also each time. I use a wide range of tools and my knowledge and experience of many years of working with people to support you in reaching your intention.

We welcome everything that is present: the pleasurable feelings and thoughts and also the painful ones, and everything in between. Including the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspects. You are invited to feel, to keep an open and inquisitive mind and to receive your body’s reactions with acceptance and compassion.

The body stores much of what we have experienced in our lives on a cellular level. Tantra Massage offers an opportunity to reconnect with the body on a deeper level and to gain more self-knowledge and understanding. In a Tantra Massage session you are encouraged to stay present, alert and aware of what is going on in your body, heart and mind.


Breath, Sound and Movement

You are encouraged to breathe consciously during your session. Breath is a good indicator of how you relate to your own body, and it’s a telling sign of tension. Often we experience sexual desire as tension in the body, because of how we are used to making love and reaching an orgasm – but this does not have to be so. With guided conscious breathing, we can dissolve tension in the body just by becoming aware of it. Breath is also a key to deeper joy and pleasure in the body, and the most common way to move energy. 

Our repressed emotions are often stored in the body. When we swallow our anger, or pain, we diminish the free flow of energy. Putting sound to our experience can be amazingly liberating and helpful in opening those little boxes we choose not to look into. Often we don’t even need to express with words – sound has its healing power just by being “let out”. Experimenting with sounding and resonance can also be a helpful tool in maintaining a steady sexual performance – as can breath.

Lingam Massage

In a Tantra Massage we also include the genitals. Just this part of the massage can be a unique experience to many people – since we typically only touch or are touched here during sex. Touching of the genitals is often shadowed by confusion about performance and achievement or the feeling that we need to “do” something in order to reach a goal. In Tantra Massage we include the genitals as part of the body and encourage you to receive pleasure in a relaxed way, without worrying about a goal that you need to get to. Ejaculation might occur, but is NOT the purpose of this massage.

Communication and agreements

In the beginning of the session it is important that we talk, to clarify thoughts and possible expectations, fears or worries. We will talk about boundaries, and this will be the grounds on which we can safely work together. I encourage clear, open communication, and it is essential that you stand up for your desires and needs and accept the other person’s answer as their truth in the moment. Please communicate clearly if you for example would like to touch back or want to receive a different kind of touch.

We will also have a short check-in at the end of your session, to make sure that you feel complete. Tantra Massage can trigger some processes and it is important that we address anything like that before you leave.

You are also invited to allow your body to move in its natural way, no matter what your mind is saying. Moving the body is also a way to open further. Sometimes tension leaves the body through shaking, which is totally natural.



I am not there to fulfill any of your sexual desires. 

The session is not aimed at giving you an orgasm, though it might happen organically, which is completely fine, we are not intending it to happen as a goal or outcome. I do not provide a “happy ending”.

No exchange of bodily fluids. 
I do not meet clients outside of session space.
I wear underwear in my sessions, which is non-negotiable.
Before meeting a new client I request a short telephone interview. Session booking is not possible without this.


Payment is requested in advance.

Cancellation Policy
Full refund up until 24 hours prior to session time.
If you cancel within 24 hours you will receive a refund if you have a valid reason.
No-show, no refund.