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Welcome to Hands of Wisdom

My name is Hajnalka. 

I offer space for authentic self-expression, transformation and deep relaxation.

I have over fifteen years of experience in working with people, with bodies and hearts. I have studied several “traditional” healing modalities and techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage, Clinical Sports Massage or Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Abdominal Massage), and also shamanic healing approaches like ma-uri Huna Bodywork, Hawaiian Temple lomi-lomi, Tantric Bodywork, De-armouring and energy work. I am also certified by Layla Martin as a Love, Sex and Relationship Coach and Jade Egg Teacher.

But what really gives the very own unique flavour to my work is my presence and my extensive experience of having worked with so many human bodies. Most of what I know I have learnt from experience.

I am interested in bringing out whatever is stuck in the body, the mind or the heart. Bringing it into the light, so we can look at it and integrate it into awakened consciousness, so we can grow and deepen our compassion towards ourselves and others. So we can move deeper into self-acceptance and really, deeply, profoundly RELAX.

Why do I do this work? Because we humans need to be touched so much more than what we allow – both physically and metaphorically. My passion is to show you that there is so much more out there (and in here) than what we were made to believe. My passion is to show you that YOU ARE OK just that way you are. I want to invite conscious communication, to support people in expressing their truth, to help them see that whatever is inside of us, it is worth our love, our attention. I guide people into deeper understanding, presence and authenticity – through touch, free expression, movement and breath.

I work with individuals, groups big and small, men and women. I have helped hundreds of people to heal. I have participated in countless workshops, training and programs, and I continue to learn every day. My own awakening is top priority in my life.

I am an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Shamanic Path and I walk my way as a forever-student to Spirit.

I offer a wide range of spaces for healing. No matter how small or big is the thing you are dealing with, you are welcome.

Welcome with a simple stiff neck or shoulder issue and also with your deepest fear.

I see everything as a dance. Each session, each meeting, in private or within a group, is a dance – a living, organic flow of interaction created in the moment by the merging of our unique life experiences. It is sacred, and meaningful, and perfect in its own right.

Welcome to dance with me!

Bodywork & Sessions

I offer a wide range of spaces for healing. No matter how small or big is the thing you are dealing with, you are welcome.