Hands of Wisdom


Shamanic Healing is an intimate bodywork-coaching session with a specific intention. You are welcome to share any difficulty, challenge or trauma you have experienced or are experiencing in your life, and we tailor the session to your individual needs. In this sacred space everything is welcome and we include the whole of you without judgement – all your feelings, thoughts, emotions, needs and desires.


You are welcome exactly as you are, with whatever is going on for you.

The session starts already when you reach out and we have an initial telephone interview.

In your session we go deeper into whatever your intention is. This will determine what we do. Oftentimes several sessions might be needed to go deeper. In general, I will include body-dearmouring and if you so wish, internal work.

Yoni Massage / Mapping / Dearmouring

In my sessions we include the genitals (if that was part of your intention). Just this part can be a very unique experience to many people – since we typically only touch or are touched here during sex. Touching of the genitals is often shadowed by confusion about performance and achievement or the feeling that we need to “do” something. Especially for women, there is a lot of pain, shame and guilt around this part of our body, and for many, even deep trauma. Releasing all these stored emotional energies and pain tapes requires that we slow down, stay aware and present, and allow ourselves as much compassion and patience as possible.

It is our awareness that heals.

During a session like this many things may come up. We can get in touch with feelings from times in our lives when we did not hold our boundaries, when we gave away our strength in order to be loved, or when we got hurt and disrespected. Whatever comes up, we welcome it with love and acceptance. As women, we need to re-connect with Yoni and her incredible potential, and often this path leads through dealing with painful memories and feelings. Yoni mapping is a simple way to put awareness to what is present in our yoni. It might bring us pleasure, and it might also bring us to more delicate and vulnerable places. As adults, we welcome and hold anything with compassion.

Potential issues we can work with:

  • sexual trauma
  • birth- and birthing-related trauma
  • intimacy issues
  • difficulty to enjoy sexual experiences
  • difficulty to receive
  • fear of rejection or abandonment
  • childhood trauma.
First session might be longer than 2 hours. Contact me for more information.

Sessions may include verbal coaching, Gestalt work, bodywork, reparenting, body-dearmouring, shamanic journeying, to mention a few possibilities. It can also include breathwork and support for you to come closer to your orgasmic potential and orgasticness if this is something you would like to explore.